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Hello and Welcome to our new COLOR Reading option.


Have you ever wanted to QUICKLY SHIFT YOUR ENERGY from one state to another?

Through this COLOR Reading I will give you a simple way to honor where you are, acknowledge what is, including your reaction or response and put yourself in a place of PERSONAL POWER to move forward with grace and ease.

SOUNDS LIKE A FANTASY but we can balance and reclaim our power by having a little deeper understanding of Color, Sound and Sacred Geometry. 

This work is based on FREQUENCY.  The study of Color, Light, Sound, Sacred Geometry and Frequency have been my life work.  Let me shed a little light on you and offer you a deeper understanding of yourself. A place to truly begin to create your own world from your center, your position of power.

How it works You will be asked to answer a few questions about yourself and your personal relationship to COLOR and a few other deeply insightful things.  33 questions in all.

Your Reading will Include your PERSONAL ENERGY TOOL and will explain:

WHY you would want a Personal Energy Tool ?

HOW it can improve your sense of well-being and ability to Succeed ?

WHAT you need to understand to use your Personal Energy Tool effectively.  

WHEN is the best time to use this POWERFUL new Energy TOOL ? and

WHERE is your best place to accentuate the use of your POWERFUL new TOOL ?

When you’re ready just pay for your reading below with our secure PayPal button ( all types of payment are accepted )  AND fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 


COLOR Reading with Unique Personal Energy Tool

A deeper look into your PERSONAL PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL PROFILE through the use of Color. Using a deep understanding of being Human as explained through FREQUENCY. Your answers will be interpreted by Deb and you will receive clear insight and more acceptance of yourself. You will be provided with a UNIQUE PERSONAL ENERGY TOOL and instruction on how, when and where to use it. Many Blessings, I look forward to working with you.


Please fill out the form below. I will send you a link to the COLOR Reading Questionnaire page with the Password.  You will find a list of 33 questions. Please follow the directions and return to me. Expect to receive your reading by e-mail within 3 business days. Many Blessings and Thank You


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