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ONE OF A KIND, beautiful, hand made, BLESSING BEADS by Deb Barrett. Intended as A SIMPLE WAY TO COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Over the head design similar to Rosary beads. Each is unique and generous with the bottom of the drop around the top of your solar plexus or longer. All beads are semi precious stones, glass, shell or crystal. Each necklace holds a CHARGE. You will feel it !


Blessing Beads get you in touch with yourself as you FEEL a certain way when you look at them. You will know right away which one resonates with you. Feel them, touch them and use them in your meditation. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Blessing Beads are for COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGS !  As you handle one bead after the other, simply bring to mind one thing you are grateful for and then another. I’m smiling because these necklaces are long and will challenge you to truly dwell on each and every Blessing in your life.

Blessing Beads $45. Plus   Many blessings  deb









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