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Umbrella Mentality

Today let’s talk about an new concept, Umbrella Mentality.  It’s a phrase I coined to represent the idea of rising up into your Higher-Self, at will, and observing and supporting your ego-self with love, acceptance, health and abundance.

The first step is to imagine that you are in a bubble of light. This gives you a mental image of your energy field. You can fill your bubble with whatever color you are drawn to in the moment. Now imagine that there is a tube running through your bubble, top to bottom. This tube connects your higher, Divine self with your Earthly self, your ego. 


We all have an ego but the ego is only a small part of who we really are. You may say no, I am me and that is that. As we broaden our perspectives we find that indeed we have an intuitive sense. Whether we choose to follow this ‘little voice’ inside or not, we are all aware that there is something there. 

Our task is not only to invite in this higher aspect, but to begin identifying ourselves with our Divine nature as a way to support our ego self on the earth plane.  After all, it is the ego that preforms the physical actions in time and space.

What does an umbrella do? It protects us from the rain. In your mind’s eye, imagine an umbrella going up over your bubble. Now imagine a most magnificent being of light hanging out just above your umbrella. Let’s call this being MBL for Magnificent Being of Light.  MBL would like to support you, would like to help you feel loved when you feel alone, feel strong when you face challenges and heal you in every way, including physically. MBL has the ability to step down it’s frequency to meet you where you are.

Living life AS your Higher Self

In order for this to happen you need to do 2 things. The first is to ASK for help. Without asking, your MBL can not help you because you have free will. Step 2 is to imagine that the handle of the umbrella comes straight down the tube in the center of your bubble. You can imagine that the umbrella handle acts as an elevator lifting you up whenever you are ready.  

The next time you feel challenged try putting on your bubble and installing your umbrella. Feel free to name your personal MBL anything that suits you or ask for it’s name. If you are very brave and daring, imagine that you travel up that tube and find yourself sitting over your ego/personality self. What a completely new perspective you will have of not only yourself but of your entire world.

The biggest trick in using this technique is to believe that you are worthy and deserving enough to travel up the tube and meet your Higher-Self.  As your relationship develops over time you will realize that it is indeed you that is the Higher-Self. Very soon you will find that you begin thinking and acting as your Higher-Self but through your ego. This gives you the ability to not only HEAL YOURSELF but also to shine abundant light and healing on all those you touch.


Many blessings for a successful transition as you remember yourself as a Magnificent Being of Light.  deb

I would love to hear your feedback.  Thanks.   Power up people, its time !

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I AM MAGNIFICENT The Deck of I AM by Deb Barrett
I AM MAGNIFICENT from The Deck of I AM


Merkaba Lightbody Activation Image, Higher-Self Engaged

Have you ever felt betrayed ? What was your response ? Anywhere from rage and fury to deep despondency and loss ? There may also be a bit of RETALIATORY energy mixed in, as if SOMEONE ELSE was actually doing it TO YOU. It sure feels this way.
Let’s consider a simple solution to such INTENSE AND VOLATILE EMOTIONS. Our world is in dire need of a NEW PERSPECTIVE. Some may know it as the PARADIGM SHIFT.
IN A NUT SHELL: The life you are living is a direct projection of your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. As such we have no other option than to CORRECT what is being projected,
if we truly are willing to create PEACE, HARMONY, BALANCE AND ABUNDANCE in our physical ‘playing field’.
DO gather yourself. Bring ALL of your attention into THIS NOW moment. BREATHE Deeply and again. Now, look at the SACREDLY ALIGNED image. Follow each facet of the drawing with your mind. IMAGINE you are ABSORBING it’s harmony and balance receiving it’s center and grounding. With great GRATITUDE bring these frequencies within yourself. Now close your eyes and imagine that you are radiating, yes, just like the SUN, shining out Life and Beauty in your thoughts, feelings and form.
Each of us has to take RESPONSIBILITY for our own well-being, our own JOY IN EXISTENCE. As a result, even though we have been betrayed we are now ready to ACKNOWLEDGE that it was only ourselves who brought these pains to pass. Each event helping us to grow and learn our own power from within.
We currently have the opportunity to see ourselves as we truly are. As AUTONOMOUS BEINGS OF LIGHT, Sanctioned to shine through all of the pain and chaos in the world.
I hope you are READY !!! Take on the challenge. Use your power and your focus to regenerate and rejuvenate our world.
Many blessings to you and yours. BE PEACE deb
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Deb Barrett is a Vibro-Acoustic Healer. Read More at Sound Therapeutics, Marshfield, MA.
Image Credits, I AM Magnificent, from The Deck of I AM by Deb Barrett.
Merkaba Lightbody Activation image, Higher-Self Engaged