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Great information for all those on the Inner Transformative Path.  blessings  deb




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This is GREAT info, Change is inevitable, Support your Transformation,

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

ascension symtopsI have written this article in regard to the time period of Amygdala Clearance of September Gateway, however, this guide and the remedies mentioned here can be used at any given moment in time, as we move through the various portals that await us.

As has been explained in my recent channeling, the reason that we are going through so many portals and so many transitions over and over again is because a lot of the old energies have been ingrained into human DNA, pscyche and way of life. Much of the old belief systems need to be released, preconditioned ideas erased from our sub consciousness so that a new set of universal laws can be instituted. As you understand human bodies, or what our galactic family likes to call “human vehicles of time and space” have been infused with so much information for thousands of years. That is why…

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Thank YOU

Relax  Release  Restore
Relax Release Restore

I’d like to say THANK YOU to all my beautiful clients for a wonderful 2014. The work you did to release yourself from the past and old programming is just amazing!

May you have a joyful Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year. Relationships and Money will be up for clearing among other things so get ready for some Clarity and Abundance in your life.
blessings be, deb

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