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Mandala, One With Divine Source by Blessing Chair

I AM One with the Divine Source that Created Me
I AM a Clear and Powerful column of love and light

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Just Being Mandala by Deb Barrett

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Arrival of the Divine as your most enlightened self. by Deb Barrett

Do you sense the arrival of your most lit from within self?  Your most enlightened self?  Your Divine Self?  It is arriving as we speak. Feel that heart explosion!

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Be Kind by Blessing Chair Visions

Be Kind and Kindness follows.

What a great idea!  BE KIND !

We live in the real world, right?  A place where competition is admired and prized highly in circles of wealth.  Our time spent moving ourselves in the right direction also can have an undertone of ” I’m gonna get in front of that guy”. Sadly, this idea of  ‘more for me’  has left us an unkind. disconnected society.

I propose imagining the win, win scenario,  ALWAYS !  I realize it takes some moving beyond the EGO perspective.  What a quandary we find ourselves in. Does it come down to, ‘how can I get ahead and still be kind?’

I think it must come from the place of WE.   If I am you and you are me, then who am I getting ahead of?

How can WE get ahead?   Kindness is surely the answer.

Be Kind in every sense of the word.

Challenge:   Be Kind while speaking your mind.



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Rejuvenating and soothing energies come together in this Blessing Chair Vision.

Enjoy the energy of the Night Bloom

Great energy in this image !  The strong red vibrates on the violet light of the moon.  Violet and red are at opposite ends of the spectrum imparting the revitalizing energies.  Opposites are balanced with the greens of growth and harmony and the aquas of heart felt communication.

The name, Night Bloom, symbolizes the power to bloom even in the darkest places and as it turns out those places hold  the best opportunity for growth. We are challenged, we grow in spite of seeming unfavorable circumstances and we triumph through courage and perseverance.

Who knew there was so much within a Blessing Chair Vision.


My favorite is the Shower Curtain  application.


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