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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day from The Blessing Chair
Here I am with my bucket of LIGHT in front of the Old Lady bush.  Our giant rhododendron blooms every May.  What a sight !

Being a mom is one of the best and most challenging things I’ve ever done.  I think God has a plan in selecting each and every child to come through and connect to each and every mother.  All the perfect creations to help us to see, know and grow together.  I have always believed it is the biggest job that we ever take on without the benefit of any training.  Thank goodness for our intuitive knowing that allows mothering to come naturally and with great joy.

Enjoy your day


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Lucky Jewelry

Lucky Jewelry by Deb Barrett and  Blessing Chair Visions
Light from Within necklace from the Lucky Jewelry Collection NEW from Blessing Chair Visions.

I’ve been having great fun organizing the Blessing Chair Visions Gift Store.   We have a new look and a new Lucky Jewelry Collection.  It’s so cool to see all the images together made into unique earrings and necklaces.

I do realize that we create our own luck,…. but I also realize that it’s nice to have a symbol of our ability to create lucky circumstances for ourselves. Talismans have been used throughout time to represent powerful energies that can guide and support us.

I’d love feedback on which is your favorite and why.



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What is it about Cancer?

Sacred Owl, messanger  between worlds by Jim O'Connell
What has a White Sacred Owl got to do with the energy of cancer?

I heard that cancer research is among the wealthiest money machines these days.

I have a  history of loved ones being overtaken by this scary energy.  For many years I battled it out in my mind.  There is something about fear that really puts us to the task.

My task was to figure out what I could do to shift the face of cancer for myself. There is lots of information on-line pointing towards many non-conventional ways of alleviating cancer.   Most people are too scared to use them because they feel they can not trust what is outside of the realms of conventional medicine and their Dr. would not approve.  Never mind the fact that they can’t trust their own intuition.

I’m not here to say, do one thing or another.  My message is to take back your power.  Fear is a motivator.  Step back , if you can and see your body as a collection of cells all knowing what they are doing.  We don’t direct them or have to think about what they do.

But, what if we took the time to realize that we are only alive because of the Spiritual essence within us.  That bright light, the spark I keep trying to capture in my artwork.

With cancer, our light has dimmed.  There are many reasons for this, they are not right or wrong, just an “IS ” for the moment.  If we get to the stillness within, we can pull in the power of this inner light, we remember our unbreakable bond to our creator.  You are not being punished, you are being motivated to discover your Source Energy.

One more thing, when we remember that we are eternal spirits and that ‘nobody gets out of here alive’, we can release the fear of death.  This was the trigger that helped me the most.  As a self-healer, when I really internalized this fact, I became so much more comfortable and confident in my own ability to restore and maintain my physical well-being.

May your light shine brightly for all to see

deb   Happy May

White Sacred Owl = a messenger of wisdom and peace, bringing a prophecy or a message from another world.